Dr. Arani is a renown author and physician (venereologist in practice ) in HPV/STD field. He is known for developing HPV related tumor treatment approach and method in the world. He is a pioneer of providing same-day STD test results and providing many laboratory testing which has been difficult to be done in the past such as NCNGU. Many celebrities and high profile corporate businessmen and women are our patients. Some travel from far distances in order to be seen and evaluated by Dr. Arani who was chosen as Top American Physician in 2007 For STD concern.

If you are a celebrity or high profile corporate businessman or woman, you could book a VIP appointment with our institution through VIP 888-Dr. Arani access line for special suite accommodations for you. The Medical center entrance would be different from the main to ensure privacy. You will be guided directly to the VIP suite without waiting in the lobby and to maximize your confidentiality, the exam and consultation suite would be separate from the rest of the center.

Your medical file would be locked and secretly coded. Our VIP suite would be available with an advance executive appointment only.

Those coming from overseas, out of state or desiring a same day exam and treatment, in a timely matter, should consider making a VIP appointment. A VIP coordinator will ensure the same day turnaround flight and same-day return home. If there are any mishaps such as a delay in your flight or traffic then your VIP concierge coordinator would make sure to accommodate you upon arrival.